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  • Zenitco Perst 3 Green+ / IR Laser / IR illuminator

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    There is a 3-5 week ESTIMATED lead time on these units. These are in EXTREMELY high demand. Sometimes these get held up in customs - I have NO control over this. it may add time to the order.

    Wavelength of laser in Visible Spectrum: 635 nm
    Power of Laser in visible spectrum: 4mW
    Wavelength of Laser in IR spectrum: 850nm
    Powe of Laser in IR spectrum: 20mW
    Wavelength of Laser Illuminator in IR spectrum: 850nm
    Power of Laser Illuminator in IR spectrum: 500mW

    For comparison , a full power peq15 is 45mw on the IR lasers and 5mw on the visible laser. and LA5 is 100mw. these are well built and war tested, if you know Zenitco, then you know... 

    These operate just like a peq15, come with the pressure pad and all. One nicer feature is the ability to scale back the laser power depending on reflectivity or absorption of light on a surface. this can be done with the small knob on the pressure pad. 

    A dual (Spark) laser, in an IR (invisible to the naked eye) and green + (intensified) (visible) ranges + an IR illuminator with a power of 500 mW.

    Stable operation of the green laser at low temperatures down to -20 ° C.

    Weight: 300 gr. (with battery CR-123).

    Switching on / off is performed both from the buttons located on the case and by remote tactical switch.

    A wide range of adjustments to the brightness of lasers and the illuminator.

    Transport mode (blocking mode of the product).

    The indicator of the device operation is placed on the back of the product body, the indicator informs the owner about the operation of the device and the selected mode.

    The color of the indicator is light - blue, it is chosen in a special way, the user does not distract and does not give a light when using a night vision device.

    The pulsating mode with a frequency of 2 Hz increases the already extensive scope of application.

    A uniform adjustment of the rays of both lasers (to bring the IR laser to a normal battle, it is no longer necessary to use a night vision device and wait for the night to come, and it is enough to bring the laser to a normal battle, and the laser will automatically bring it).

    Independent adjustment of the illuminator allows you to adjust it to the needs of a particular shooter (distance of use, place of use, etc.).

    The ability to adjust the solid angle of the illuminator allows for a quick change of illumination (depending on the need, you can work comfortably both in a small room and immediately, when leaving it, tune in to an object located at a sufficiently serious distance (checked up to 1200 meters) and back).

    The 5-position mode selector switch located on the upper platform of the device helps to quickly select the operating mode, tactile (when working in gloves, nothing interferes), since it has a fairly clear click.

    In the kit:

    •  "Perst-3"
    •  manual
    •  hex key
    •  KV-5P tactical switch
    •  CR-123 battery