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  • Zenitco Perst 4 Green+ / IR Laser

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    This unit is similar to the perst3 green+ however it does NOT have the IR illuminator, it is ONLY green laser or IR laser for a smaller more compact and cheaper package.

    There is a 3-5 week ESTIMATED lead time on these units. These are in EXTREMELY high demand. Sometimes these get held up in customs - I have NO control over this. it may add time to the order.

    please see the perst 3 page for laser specifications.

    Dual laser in the IR  and green (with extended power) spectrum.

    Weight: 210 g

    Dimensions: (37х60х91) +/- 3mm

    Turns on by the buttons located on the body, and from the remote switch.

    Brightness can be adjusted.

    Possibility of blocking the work of the product.

    Operation indicator - on the body of the product.

    Pulsating mode with a frequency of 2 Hz.

    Single adjustment of both rays.

    In the kit:

    •   "Perst-4" laser -1 pc .;
    •   battery type CR 123 -1 pc .;
    •   remote switch with Velcro fastening -1 pcs .;
    •   self-adhesive mounting point of a remote switch with a mating part of velcro fastening -1 pc .;
    •   manual -1 pc.