Black Phase Tactical - CAGE 8G9V7 - DUNS 06-269-9307
  • Pixels on Target VOODOO-S thermal


    Depending on inventory this *may* have a lead time of up to 60 days. PLEASE EMAIL SALES@BLACKPHASETACTICAL.COM FOR LEAD TIME INQUIRY.

    Multi-Mission Uncooled Thermal Sight

    The VooDoo-S is the next generation of thermal imaging system. We’ve kept what you require, improved what you asked for, and added what you’ve always desired. Feature rich, yet easy to use all under 10 oz. 


    VooDoo-S provides accuracy to <0.5 MOA at 100 yards. To further demonstrate VooDoo-S' accuracy, we put 5 rounds of 5.56 through a single 5.56 shell case to simulated a thermal target @ 25 yards.


    VooDoo-S has advanced features to include integrated Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning that no other optic of its size, weight and power offers on the world market.


    VooDoo-S is built tough to withstand any small arms calibers. We tested without failure or bullet impact shift, 500 rounds of 7.62 x 51 NATO through the SCAR-17 Heavy. 


    VooDoo-S is the first micro thermal optic to offer such power and connectivity for our modern warfighters. The ability to load mission specific profiles, integrated communications via secured links and friend or foe designators reducing Blue-on-Blue Safety issues. 

    Multiple profiles able to be saved for fine tuning of zeroing of optic on different rifles. 


    • Sharpest image on the market for observation and search & rescue operations
    • Weapons mountable with QD/Flip-to-Side Wilcox Mount (included)
    • Helmet mounted using Wilcox Bridge Mount (Monocular or Binocular)


    • SENSOR                                                                       640 X 480 MICRO BOLOMETER
    • PITCH                                                                           12 MICRON
    • SENSITIVITY                                                                < 50 mK
    • DIGITAL ZOOM                                                           0.5x / 1x / 2x / 4x
    • NUC                                                                              CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION
    • MOA                                                                             < 0.5
    • DAY TIME OPTIC COMPATIBILITY                            UP to 8x
    • RETICLE TYPES                                                            STANDARD or CUSTOM
    • POLARITY MODES                                                      WHITE HOT / BLACK HOT / WHITE EDGE DETECT / BLACK EDGE DETECT / DYNAMIC
    • DIGITAL MAGNETIC COMPASS                                 YES
    • OLED TYPE                                                                   DIGITAL MONOCHROME
    • RESOLUTION                                                                640 X 480
    • REFRESH RATE                                                             60 Hz
    • EYE RELIEF                                                                   23mm
    • ADJUSTABLE DIOPTER                                                +/- 2
    • STARTUP TIME                                                             < 3 SEC
    • BATTERY TYPE                                                             1 X CR123 (OPTIONAL REMOTE RAIL BATTERY PACK or AC/DC POWER CABLE)
    • BATTERY RUNTIME                                                      < 3 HRS
    • WEIGHT                                                                        < 10 oz
    • ENVIRONMENTAL                                                       MIL-STD-810G
    • MOUNT                                                                        WILCOX SHOE WITH QD/FLIP-TO-SIDE MOUNT