Black Phase Tactical 859-321-5870 - CAGE 8G9V7 - DUNS 06-269-9307
  • Wilcox RAID-Xe (Full power AND Eye safe models)



    Wilcox has transformed the RAID X to the next generation RAID Xe product. The RAID Xe is a class 3B high power laser aiming device designed for assault and crew served weapons. The RAID Xe provides a smaller, lighter, stronger laser aiming device with superior, uncompromising performance. Ultimate beam clarity and uniformity aide rapid target acquisition and built-in networking capabilities give the RAID Xe superior maintenance and replenishment connectivity, all increasing the warfighter’s lethality and situational awareness. The RAID Xe product can be used on multiple weapon platforms and has a very low-profile stance that does not interfere with most optics or iron sights. The RAID Xe is available in black and coyote color configurations.

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